Every year for nearly a month, I sit in front of my computer, phone, and tablet and randomly vote on photos submitted for the Shoot & Share Photo Contest.  Every year I feel intimidated to even submit any of my own.  This year, I bit the bullet and said, “Why not?” I’m so glad I did!!  I’m not going to lie; for almost 6 weeks, I had such anxiety because there isn’t a good way to know what photos of yours are still alive in the contest, if any.  It’s nerve wracking but it helps when someone ‘favorites’ one of your photos.  It’s a great way to know that you’re still in the contest.  The other great thing about the contest is it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and see things in a different way.  As I’m shooting and editing my session so far this year, all that goes through my mind is “Oohhh, this is a shot I’ll submit to Shoot & Share next year!!”  Can’t wait! 



The Photo Contest

     The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is worldwide and the only free and fair contest.  You can enter up to 50 photos in 25 different categories. Voting is completely random and anonymous.  This year 332,768 photos were submitted. Over 104,378 people voted from 141 different countries, with over 49 million votes. 



The Winning Photos

     I submitted 50 photos, which I thought would be impossible to come up with that many.  Turns out, it’s not and my poor husband had to narrow it down. I had 7 photos place in the top 30% and up.  Below is which Dravas Photography photos placed.  To see more of the winners, click here.


***  PLEASE NOTE: These photos are Screenshots from the contest, to include the Badge they earned!  They are likely to be a bit blurry/not sharp! Of course the full resolution images look much clearer!***




Finalist – Place 175/8,928



Top 10% – Placed 1,982/23,969



Top 10% – Placed 1,738/22,299



Top 10% – Placed 1,702/22,299



Top 20% – Placed 2,540/17,751



Top 20% – Placed 3,839/22,299



Top 30% – Place 5,232/22,953


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