Behind the Camera



Passionate | Whimsical | Nostalgic


~ I believe Colorado is the most perfect place on earth; New York City is a close 2nd.

I love the sound of my children laughing and the fall leaves blowing on the streets as I drive by.

I have a borderline unhealthy addiction to jalapeno stuffed olives!

~ The only time I love snow is when I’m at home, curled up with my family, the fireplace is roaring, and my house is filled with laughter and the mouthwatering smell of homemade soup.

~ I wear flip flops almost all year round.

~ If given the opportunity, I could spend an entire day in the kitchen cooking with my kiddos.

~ Some of the most memorable moments I have with my kiddos are throughout their bedtime routine and when we’ve been driving in the car; they help me scout new photography locations, run errands, and we jam out to music while traveling to spend time with family.

~ I believe life should stop for an occasional dance break to any song that suites your mood at that moment.

~ I have a habit of buying funny/sarcastic t-shirts.


          I. Love. Photography. My passion for photography was something my older brother helped me develop when I was younger. After he passed away in 2000, I realized I didn’t have many pictures of us together since one of us was always taking the picture; it was then that I vowed I would never miss a moment to capture life. After giving birth to our daughter in 2008, my hobby turned into more of an obsession, and now, it’s that passion that I attempt to impart upon everyone willing to accept it.


       As a Colorado born native, I search tirelessly for unique and beautiful outdoor locations that keep your individual sessions from appearing manufactured and will leave your friends and family in awe of the result. It’s not uncommon I will go out of my way to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I want every single one of my clients to FEEL and LOOK as beautiful as you truly are!  I strive to capture the most intimate details that couples, families, and parents are seeking, so that 30 years down the road those are still going to be one of your favorite pictures and memories.

F O L L O W   U S